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Almonte Farmers Market – June 9th

We have been putting in this year’s crops and I feel good it is before June 1st.  This work for me is one step at a time with an occasional flurry rush of team work.  The result is abundance to share.  That’s how it seems to work anyway.

I’ll be back at the Almonte Market on Saturday July 9th and I plan to have  several new things to offer.  One is a yoga mat cleaner and the other is lots of Tulsi plants.  I’ll have instructions and growing tips.  In addition, I will have potted Peppermint, Skullcap, and a few Arnica if you want to try for your own sun infused oil!  As the season progresses I will begin distilling again and have new co-distillations for your pleasures, parched skin, and individual needs.  And as always I will provide the few high quality aromatherapy blends to touch your senses and enliven the awareness that these plants are much more than roots and greens.

I’m still getting to know my new environment and always have my eyes open for plants and animals.  Today I came across this beauty.

native yellow lady slipper

today’s gift
native yellow lady slipper




Here are a couple of the plants that will meet you at the market:

Arnica Montana

One or two Arnicas give enough beautiful fragrant yellow flowers to infuse 1/2 liter of oil. I’ll give you all the secrets.


This Tulsi seedling has been pinched back in order to help it to fill out at the bottom. This allows it to remain sturdy while producing abundantly.

Almonte Farmer’s Market and New Arnica Planting

I am very happy to be a part of this season’s Almonte Farmer’s Market!  I will be there every other Saturday with a few extra Saturdays fitted in  when needed.  Please note that you can pick up any online orders placed on the website at the market on any and every week.

I make my products to relieve pain, discomfort, and stress.  My primary goal is to spread happiness, peace, and joy, and support the health of people and the environment. Before the product comes the plants; it is the healing botanicals that are the key ingredients of all my preparations. So, first I have to grow, grow, grow!  As always, this is what keeps us busy during the Spring. Along with many other projects, this is one I started back in February indoors.

I have doubled the arnica patch with plants grown from my own seeds in order to meet the demand for my Arnica Oil.

Arnica Montana

Arnica Montana grown from my own seed.

Please learn more about our arnica plants and preparations here.