Here we are

In our new spot,  just outside of Ottawa, Ontario.  It’s been a long journey.  We moved in on April 10 and it was under snow.  Everything is new. Again.

But, some things always remain the same, kinda.  The same kinds of birds are eager to get at the new feeder, same kinds but they’re different,  the Jays are very different.  The Moon is there, as always, sometimes full and others new,  every night but different.  This is what I notice, what has led me here now.  The cycles, the signs, the connections, they are all saying everything about what is important.  If I listen.

April 13

This is what I do when my heart feels a little broken over what I left behind,  Every time I have moved.  Every time I begin again.  I listen.  When I listen I usually get clues to what to do next on a multitude of levels.  When I listen I am learning about myself.

I feel deeply.  That’s what triple water signs do.  There is no way to doubt the importance of it all,  the plants, the sun, the water,  working together every day for life.  I’m not saying I know what is best or right,  I’m saying that when I listen to wind and to the bird song and plants, that’s when I understand why I do what I do.  Growing, sharing, caring.

This is my heart. Healing. Eve and Amelia. Peaks Island

What followed our move to Ottawa was (is) two months of snow, torrential rains and flooding yet we still managed to put in a small garden.     And like we seem to do again and again, we carve out a little bit more every day, week, month, Another row or corner or mound and we plant something.  So we are building,  it’s a life form making gardens.  With each joy my heart breaks,  like when a baby is born and you can cry and cry through ear splitting smiles.

Deck, pots, and two garden spaces

So, What we have at this point is two medium planting spaces completely fenced off from the deer and as of this week a small dome greenhouse I put together for the pots of Tulsi, Spilanthes and Rose Geraniums until it warms up (it’s been as low as 10 c several nights this week) and stops raining and raining. I really hope we can have a greenhouse by the end of the summer.  When a place is new there is a lot you don’t know and two nights ago we had torrential downpours again on top of daily hail and rain all week.  We had to shovel trenches to drain the water as our beans were beginning to float.  I have no idea what we will do about this problem.  Unusual weather but we can’t have this.  One step at a time.  Ian says this is washing the earth clean so we can start new.  Building, growing, and learning,  As usual.

working together to dig trenches as the water rises