Poetry, thoughts, and rants

2016-08-17  Blue Stars on Sky

Blue stars on sky

Blue stars on sky

Blue stars on sky
absorb me
take me to your otherworld
Light from sun
heal me
standing tall in all your power
Red planets falling
feed me
Love grows within Being

2016-08-01 Moon, stars, earth, and heart blood

Science tells us so many things.  Too many things sometimes.  While I still can’t agree with my grandmother’s old saying “Ignorance is Bliss”, I know in my heart that so many things just can not be explained, quantified, and it isn’t about faith but about being in the moment and just feeling, just being, just knowing that I am here.

Trust in our selves and our own intuition, Belief in ourselves and our own feelings can’t really be explained away, but they are getting to it, coming to a closer understanding of how this might exist, where it might exist in the body, in the mind, in the neurological transmitters traveling in the blood, but they definitely know now that it is all connected in the heart, it runs through the heart, heart blood.  And, through the gut, the brain and through every cell in our body.  When you feel an emotion where do you feel it?  Everybody is different even though we are all experiencing the same all encompassing surge of blood through our veins.

I am a creature of the Moon – Like literally feeling everything all the time.  It used to be overwhelming until I recently began to understand more about it, why, how, when and where.  I can see how this has propelled me through the space and time that is and has been my life.  Those feelings are what drives me, they are connected to the warrior part of me that lives in the house of my generational family, my children and like my heart blood is connected to my soul, my being, the core of who I am.  A carer, a giver, a protector and a healer.  An educator, a lover and a mother.

Sometimes those things are really out of balance.  Sometimes they try to spin out of control into the universe,  out into the stars,  way way past the moon.  sometimes those feelings belong out there and sometimes they need to come back to earth where I can cultivate them, water them, harvest a little bit at a time.

Everyday,  I look up.  I see plants towering over me, clouds forming over them, Moons, Suns and Stars passing by us.  This is real stuff,  blood pumping, cells healing, Love Growing.  Feel the Love.  Be the LOVE.

New Moon in Leo.  Another incredible shining beginning.