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  • Tri Force Salve

    Tri Force Salve


    A blend of 3 healing infused oils:

    Wild-harvested Balsam Poplar buds and St. Johnswort flowers, and our own organically grown Arnica flowers

    in Jojoba & Safflower oils, blended with beeswax, with Rosemary extract.

    Mildly warming.  Use for aches, pains, and sore muscles.

    External use only

  • Winter Woods Salve

    Winter Woods Salve


    A soothing respiratory salve for the depths of the season, our Winter Woods Salve contains a complex mix of aromatic notes inspired by the deep forest.  Cooling in nature so also good for symptoms of sore throats (and summer colds) it is a natural expectorant blend and not as drying as the Eucalyptuses can be.

    Contains wild-harvested Canadian Spruce and Eastern White Pine resins dissolved into Safflower, Jojoba, and Coconut oils with essential oils of Spruce (Picea mariana), Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica), Scots Pine (Pinus sylvestris), Pinyon Pine (Pinus edulis), Silver Fir (Abies alba), Balsam Fir (Abies balsamea), and Ravensara (Ravensara aromatica) in a base of organic beeswax.

    1 ounce glass jar

  • Frankincense Resin Salve

    Frankincense Resin Salve


    Fairtrade Boswellia dalzielii oleoresin dissolved in Safflower oil, with essential oils of B. rivae & B. serrata, with Jojoba & Beeswax.

    Some settling of the finely ground resin is natural.

    Please see my post on making oleoresin salves or see Apothecary’s Garden for an endless amount of expert knowledge on Frankincense and more.  Oleoresin salves are a source of boswellic acids, unlike Frankincense essential oils.

    1 ounce amber glass jar

  • Calendula, Marshmallow, and Tea Tree Oil Salve

    Calendula, Marshmallow, and Tea Tree Oil Salve


    A healing and demulcent herbal infusion of marshmallow and calendula into safflower and jojoba oils, plus warm-infused plantain and self-heal oils, with lavender essential oil and a high percentage of tea tree oil.

    Apply liberally to feet or anywhere that is needed.
    External use only
    100% Organic
    1 ounce jar

  • Calendula Salve with Lavender

    Calendula Salve with Lavender


    Our own peak sun, hand-harvested flowers of Calendula officinalis warm and sun-infused in organic safflower oil, beautifully scented with organic lavender essential oil and jojoba in Canadian beeswax.

    100% Organic

    External use only

  • Big Bang Salve

    Big Bang Salve


    A healing salve for blisters, bites, & poison ivy, containing our own organically grown and ethically wildcrafted herbs.

    Plantain, Jewelweed, Nettles, Calendula, & Spilanthes warm-infused in Sunflower & Jojoba oils, with Echinacea tincture & Rosemary extract, in Canadian beeswax.

    100% organic

    External use only