calendula on the drying rack

Calendula on the drying rack

I have been thinking a lot about the abundance that is available in the garden. We grow more than we can use, more than what I can dry and store, and even more than I can turn into value-added products. It is more than I have time for, not only the given number of work hours that I dedicate to cultivated and wild plants but more than the given hours of the day.
What a blessing, yes, but the whole reason I do what I do is to share it. By nature I am a caretaker. I want to help, to help feed you and to help you feel better with what I grow, with what I can.
I have been speaking with Arbetsförmedlingen and soon I will be welcoming a few people that need to get out of their homes, who need to have a place to go, and who are interested in what I do, outdoor work. I’ll post again once that is underway.
If you are interested in coming here and picking your own herbs then please contact me. In August we will have an open garden on Saturdays, and there will be a multi-family loppis in the barn.
At this point in the season I have very little time to sit and post what I am doing so here is just a little bit of what is ongoing.

Calendula officinalis

Calendula officinalis with mint in the foreground in our garden, July 10, 2016

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