First distillations in Canada / Prep for market

We are distilling again!

Finally, with our newly replaced heating element, we have enough plant material to start this season’s distillations. The smells in the house are medicinal grade with no chance of stressing out even with the flurry of work to prepare the day before the Midsummer Herbfest market.


The kids helped pick all the Chamomile flowers; these plants have been producing an abundance of blooms.
The oil is the most beautiful blue and the aroma is so comforting.

Chamomile in the still

blue Chamomile essential oil

Tulsi and Clary Sage

We are so happy to be able to distill Tulsi and Clary Sage again! We forged a deep connection with these two aromatic plants in our gardens in Sweden, and it’s been a real gift to keep growing, harvesting, and distilling these amazing plants in a new season in a new country.

Clary Sage in the bubble

Tulsi / Holy Basil