As it is: The eclipse, elixirs, and healing

As summer comes to a close we have been very busy harvesting the herbs and distilling, learning about our new environment and adjusting.  The herbal teas, the hydrosols, the oils and the resins provide the elixirs.

The ones for illness, the ones for the soul, the ones for the heart.

Last night (the night of Aug 21st and the Solar eclipse in Leo) I distilled the Rose Geranium and when I started to process the plant I got a clear message to slow down and let the aroma seep in, permeate my mind and I felt my heart open up to myself.  I hadn’t known I was closed, I was rushed, busy and tired, and suddenly I felt more acceptance, acceptance of everything.  Love was present.

The distillation is aromatically exquisite.  The oil this morning was the color of the sky.  I hope that others will find healing, love and connection to self through this hydrosol and I will use the Oil in my next batch of Deep Sleep.


Rose Geranium oil in the separator

Rose Geranium permeates the room


Here are a few more things we have been up to!

In the woods behind the house I found this:
Phaeolus schweinitzii. It can be used as a natural dye

Tulsi Holy Basil as it is about to move into the new tunnel in the beginning of August.

Harvesting Bacopa monnieri

Bacopa harvest will become a tincture for our family.

From the garden daily.

Blue Chamomile essential oil

Butterfly on the Gotu Kola

The Mother. The Source.


Speaking of Gifts……That will be the focus for the next months, Energetically aligned and Inspirational aromatic and healing salves and oil blends to get us through the fall and into winter! Whether you are feeling sluggish or need to rest, feeling down or need to channel that enthusiasm? Contact me for any custom blends you might be interested in.

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