New Product: Hair and Scalp Oil

I have put together a new infused oil blend using some traditional Ayurvedic herbs.  I grow the Bacopa Monnieri and the Gotu Kola and warm-infuse them into Sesame oil and then separately make a long warm infusion of the organic powder of Bhringaraj, Eclipta alba, also known as false daisy, into Sesame oil.  Traditional uses for these herbs topically include anti inflammatory, circulatory stimulant, reversing baldness, hair growth and clearing the mind.    See for example the excellent book Ayurvedic Medicine by Sebastian Pole.

I used the Hair and Scalp Oil last year for my own hair which has been thinning with age.  Now that I have a new batch made I will start to use it again weekly as I did notice a difference on the scalp as well as healthier, stronger hair.

This blend has no essential oils added but could be paired well with my new Rosemary verbenone in Jojoba, available separately.

Hair and Scalp Oil


Bacopa monneiri / Brahmi, Bhringaraj, and Gotu Kola infused into Sesame oil, with Argan and Jojoba oils

Hair and Scalp Oil is an external use only product.

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