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  • Chamomile Hydrosol


    The cheerful glow of chamomile flowers in the sunlight is a welcome sight in the summertime. Chamomile hydrosol, like chamomile tea, has a pleasant calming and comforting energy.

  • Rose Geranium

    Rose Geranium Hydrosol


    Rose geranium is a widely-used aromatic plant, valued in aromatherapy for its unique properties. It yields a rich, floral, balancing hydrosol.

  • Sage Hydrosol


    Sage hydrosol is one of our favorties; it has both floral and strong medicinal aromas.

  • Clary Sage Flower

    Clary Sage Hydrosol


    Clary sage has been used for millennia as an aromatic health ally, particularly for women's health issues.  Its flowers, which only appear in its second year, are laden with fragrance and oil.  We hope you agree that our hydrosol is a truly exquisite alchemical creation.