Arnica Body Oil


Our Arnica Body Oil blend is made using our own organically-grown, hand-harvested arnica flowers sun-infused in organic safflower and jojoba oils, with the essential oils of rosemary verbenone, thyme linalol, and lavender. The result is a wonderfully aromatic and therapeutic oil, perfect for massage, arthritic pain, and after-workout soreness.

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Arnica montana

History and Medicinal Properties

Arnica is a genus in the Asteraceae (sunflower) family. Arnica has been used medicinally for centuries in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres, and today arnica preparations represent one of the most well-known herbal medicine types. The primary use of medicinal arnica is as a topical anti-inflammatory. An extract or infusion is made from plant material and then applied to the skin, usually as an oil or gel. Arnica is renowned for its ability to reduce pain and swelling, and modern research (for example see here) continues to discover new chemical properties and pathways within the plant which contribute to these effects. It is important to note that some of the compounds that are so effective topically can be toxic if taken internally. So remember to never ingest arnica oils or gels.

Arnica at Laine Herbals

We are cultivating Arnica montana, the most widely-used medicinal species, and Arnica chamissonis, which is native to North America and has a similar chemical profile to Arnica montana. The flowers bloom in June and continue throughout the summer, providing a bountiful harvest.

50 ml bottle

External use only

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