Transition, a healing blend of essential oils, is a great way to support the mind and body via the limbic system. It is comforting while being action oriented. You can wear it on the skin or a scarf or just smell right from the bottle.
Lavender harmonizes the flow of chi helping things to work together smoothly.

Cypress circulates the chi, aiding in letting go of the old and welcoming the new, transforming one’s approach to change.

Palmarosa is nourishing and warming and encourages grounding.

Cedar tonifies, helping to clear blockages, both physical and emotional.

These are in a base of Safflower oil at around 50% strength in a 3,75ml bottle. Tap on the bottom to release one drop at a time on the wrists or in the palm of your hand, then breath deeply in as many times or as often as you like.

Enjoy each day as it comes and goes.

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