Using and Diffusing Essential Oils

Essential oils are the most concentrated form of the plants we can get and are not meant to be used casually as is but blended with a carrier oil or diluted in diffusion.

The essential oils we use in aromatherapy are a result of various distillation and alchemical extraction methods. Some distillation methods are gentle and natural while others are harsh and solvent-based.  The handling of plant material during harvesting and storage, the concentration of the oils, and the extraction methods used have an important impact on the safety and potency of the oils. This is one of the reasons it is so important to learn as much as possible about the origin of the oils we use.  I don’t mean the brand either, I mean, where did that essential oil come from, how was it grown and how did it get into the bottle.  There are a number of companies that maintain close relationships with growers and distillers, and it is always preferable to source one’s aromatherapy products as close to the primary producers as possible.

Misuse of essential oils, causing injury to adults and children, is a growing problem.  It is due to their extreme concentration that I always blend essential oils in a carrier oil for application to the skin and allow for the benefit of multiple pathways into the body.  The carrier oil becomes the aromatic delivery system and in addition, high-quality carriers provide their own nourishment to the skin.

Do Not take essential oils internally unless under the supervision of a licensed experienced practitioner of this medical method.  This also applies to animals: never apply straight essential oils to animals, and be very very careful about diffusing essential oils around animals (especially cats)  as they do not have to ability to process constituents like phenols in their livers.  Lavender is an example and there are many others………Do Your Research!

Instead try drinking teas, infusions, or decoctions and also when possible try consuming the plant itself.  Eating a pinch or even a handful of oregano and thyme is far better than one drop of essential oil in your tummy (or all other organs it passes along the way), and your body will be able to tell you where your limit is and to process what you consume.

A great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils is through mist diffusion. A cold mist diffuser uses water to disperse the essential oil out into the air with great effect, allowing the healing aroma to penetrate the environment and the oil’s properties to be enjoyed.  It is important to remember just how concentrated the oils are and to always use them cautiously and safely. Safety and caution need to be exercised, even with mist diffusion; for example, don’t steam your eyes!!!

Here is a link to one of the most comprehensive and well-explained articles on the benefits of diffusion, by David Crow, the founder of Floracopeia (my main source of essential oils):

There are many other excellent resources, teachers, classes and scientific studies, available throughout the world on aromatherapy, clarifying these topics, and I encourage everyone to learn more about these important concepts.

If you are interested in purchasing essential oils for your diffuser from me then please contact me directly and I will custom blend for you or order some for you.

Thanks, Kelli

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