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Upcoming Markets

Holiday Markets are coming!!!  We hope to see you there!

Upcoming Markets

We are excited to share with you some really special new products that we have been preparing for upcoming markets!   I will have diffuser blend sets, gift sets and small batch infusions.  As always, everything is handcrafted using our own herbs, roots, and essential oils whenever possible.

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Creative Co-distillations

This warm weather has been such a gift to gardens.  I’m not used to such a long growing season and it has allowed me to harvest and process so much more than usual.  The shelves are full with many infused oils, dried herbs and family medicines; many are available at the Almonte Farmer’s Market and If you are looking for something particular please feel free to contact me via email.  The seasonal abundance has given me the opportunity to be creative with the co-distillations for hydrosols.  Last week I distilled a version of the the 4 Thieves blend, based on folklore that thieves who robbed the dead during the black plague protected themselves with these 4 essential oils. To make my new “5 Thieves” hydrosol,  I added lemon balm (anti-viral, and aromatically pleasant) to the traditional recipe of sage, rosemary, thyme and oregano to create a room spray to steal away the germs in the air.  The hydrosol is safer than the very concentrated essential oils, yet very effective.

tulsi and spearmint distillation

tulsi and spearmint in the 5 ltr bubble

Today’s co-distillation will be spearmint and tulsi!  I was sure of it as soon as the harvesting began.  The two plants will compliment each other and become a cooling and uplifting mist, perfect for waking up or after meals.  This one will be a bit astringent for the skin and so may be good for acne or a midday freshen up.  The oil content halfway through this distillation is higher than normal and that is due to the summer’s heat and the lack of rainfall (I have not been watering the mint!).  The oil will be nice in a diffuser this winter.

3 levels of separation

3 levels of separation. Oil and Water do not mix.

New Product: Hair and Scalp Oil

I have put together a new infused oil blend using some traditional Ayurvedic herbs.  I grow the Bacopa Monnieri and the Gotu Kola and warm-infuse them into Sesame oil and then separately make a long warm infusion of the organic powder of Bhringaraj, Eclipta alba, also known as false daisy, into Sesame oil.  Traditional uses for these herbs topically include anti inflammatory, circulatory stimulant, reversing baldness, hair growth and clearing the mind.    See for example the excellent book Ayurvedic Medicine by Sebastian Pole.

I used the Hair and Scalp Oil last year for my own hair which has been thinning with age.  Now that I have a new batch made I will start to use it again weekly as I did notice a difference on the scalp as well as healthier, stronger hair.

This blend has no essential oils added but could be paired well with my new Rosemary verbenone in Jojoba, available separately.

Hair and Scalp Oil


Bacopa monneiri / Brahmi, Bhringaraj, and Gotu Kola infused into Sesame oil, with Argan and Jojoba oils

Hair and Scalp Oil is an external use only product.

Back in stock: unique aromatic co-distillations and in New cobalt blue glass spray bottles

New glass co-distillations

We now have several fresh hydrosol co- distillations back in stock!!

And we are introducing our new glass spray bottles.  The prices will remain the same for the 2 ounce with sprayer!  That is $7!! But if you return the bottle to me then you get the next hydrosol for ONLY $6!!

Better for you, better for the environment!




Helpers in the Garden

I’ve been delighted to discover all of these beneficial Insects working away in the garden beds.









I am amazed at the complexities of their life cycles and how they work synergistically to control the sometimes overwhelming numbers of leaf-hungry herbivores.

Gardening is a lot of work but It has become a very mindful activity for me while I watch how I use and move my body.  Some of the plants I grow, like Tulsi, require a mindful and nearly daily tending, and this is where I get to witness many things over time that might be overlooked, such as nymphs and larvae growing into bugs and flying things, and seeing who is eating who.  The four-lined plant bug (Poecilocapsus lineatus) tried to make a breakthrough in our garden this year but we were sure not to harm the beneficials by immediately overreacting, i.e. by using organic approved pesticides.  Instead we mindfully picked off the adults for about a week or two and then their own life cycles were interrupted by the multitude of predatory beneficials who lay their own eggs and who effectively end the outbreak.

I am not an expert in this area but it is a very important part of permaculture and sustainable practices in agriculture.  I am excited to be able to learn in this hands on, eyes on way.