New Neroli, Agarwood, and Sandalwood Blend and more

Tomorrow at the Almonte Farmers’ Market I will have this brand new blend.  All the ingredients are sustainably grown, harvested and processed!  I have taken two Floracopeia products, Neroli essential oil and Agarwood attar, and blended them into Jojoba and Coconut oils for you to enjoy.

I  have been wanting to mix a new uplifting scent and bring it to the market, especially this week because the current astrology stuff is intense and I can see many people struggling including myself.  At first I thought it might be a Bergamot-based blend but when I began to meditate with the scents it was the Neroli that reached out.  Upon inhalation it is deeply warming in the chest and very uplifting in a soothing way.

The Agarwood Attar from Floracopeia is a very special steam distillation of agarwood from a sustainably grown agarwood forest in Thailand blended into sustainably grown Australian sandalwood oil.  David Crow from Floracopeia calls this attar a “wish-fulfilling gem”, and my hope is that this new blend with Neroli helps fulfill your wishes as well.

In addition, I’ve restocked many out of stock items: this year’s fresh, wildcrafted, sun-infused St. Johnswort Oil,  Balance oil blend, Lymph oil blend, and several freshly-distilled hydrosols.

Take care of yourselves!


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